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I Have Not Yet Given Up On Myself

A Better Decade

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16 June
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I am a very hardworking and caring, loving person. I have three degrees. I am a wife, a stepmother, and a daughter. I have a vegan lifestyle, an eco-friendly lifestyle, a [nearly] all-natural/organic lifestyle, and a minimalist lifestyle - though my minimalist brand involves owning a home. I have been a runner for over a decade now. I am currently striving for dental school acceptance. In my personal life, I also am exploring the possibility of going zero waste. Skincare, biochemistry of food, and a healthy diet are strong interests of mine. I also enjoy working on our new home.

I generally use my journal as a way to focus on my personal goals, to relax, and sometimes to vent. I hope that you will come along with me on this journey, enjoy my journal, and I am looking forward to being friends!

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