Montessori Dancers Mobile & My Power Station

The Power Station

This is what I call my “Power Station”. It’s where I rock the baby to sleep, so he can recharge his batteries.

Let me describe its delightful features:
My second blooming orchid
-The wind chime that is like a mobile he can grab to make noise, which was a wedding gift from my step-mother-in-law
-a lamp that was my great-grandma’s, and was mine during my childhood
-my 13-year-old aloe plant (they aren’t supposed to live that long!)
-a succulent in a rainbow pot: it looks very “Montessori”
-shamrock plants from last year
-a beautiful colorful print that my friend had gone back to Greece just to get. She moved home to California, and she told me she’s loaning it to me until she gets established, but she never asked for it back.
-an Irish and an Italian flag, for those parts of my heritage (they flap in the breeze of the heating vent, and it makes the Christmas lights look like they’re twinkling!)
-and of course, Christmas lights, because when he was a month old, they were how we could soothe him to sleep. It’s still where he falls asleep!

The Heart

This is the “Heart” of the power station: the wind chime! My son loves to grab one of the butterflies and let go to make the sounds!

Homemade Mobile
This is my diy mobile, made by me and my mother-in-law. It’s made out of ribbon that was my great grandma’s, buttons from my grandma and my mother-in-law, and paper “dancers”, as recommended by the Montessori method.
They’re actually “Kung Fu Fighters” in this house, because my son enjoys touching them with his feet!
On the other end of the TV tray, I have affixed some crystals that make rainbows in the morning.

I’ll get back with you on future projects soon! 💗

Hello and Welcome :-)

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This journal is just for me to spout off about my life at random. In general, I talk about my plans, my goals, and my insecurities.
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The only other people from my school who I could figure out are going to grad school are married to each other and have a house... Well, they are the only ones I could definitely find out of many of the intelligent students. There are two others I found, but they were in a higher grade than I am. Maybe I shouldn't post my info all over the internet, where I'm going to school and whatnot. I'm proud of it, but not that proud. It's not up to me to tell people things like that, is it? Maybe I should remove the information. Who really looks at those things?

Well anyway, I'm getting ready for school... Right? That's what I'm really doing... It has nothing to do with them.

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It's my journal and it's the only place on the internet that I really feel comforable saying whatever I feel like so please forgive me for this when I'm done.

I feel like killing myself. Seriously, what could be worse? Idk, I feel like it.

In other news, oh wait there is no other news.

I think about it a lot. I have a lot of rage. I really wish I could.
I want to. Oh well. I know I have to do a lot of bullshit that I don't feel like.

I have quit eating. :-)

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i am so fucking suicidal sometimes and i'm so upset about it that i can't even explain what is so upsetting.

anyway if i was to wrie a suicide note it would read as follows

I am so sick of you you bastard. I know you won't feel sorry, but feel free to fuck my dead body.


Writer's Block: Redo

If there was something you could change about your past, what would it be?

If only I could go back and change my life and be a totally different, more successful person... But then I wouldn't be me, now would I? I have to own up to everything that has happened thus far... For the most part.

So if I wanted to change something about my life thus far, I would not change the awful terrible past. I've already lived it, so who cares?

What I would change about my past is... I would be completely different. Mistakes are part of life, and I've made a lot of wrong choices every day, some days worse than others. But I would change absolutely everything. I wouldn't want to start up again as myself. I would definitely want to be somebody completely different 100% not myself. Being myself again only having it easier or harder sounds absolutely awful and I simply refuse it.